Magical TransformationsEdit

Throughout the course of the series, Ezekiel has been...

Season 5Edit

Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
5x03 Happy Ever After Pinocchio Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror casted a spell on him.
5x04 - 5x09 Siren Song - Sam, I Am Mortal with demonic powers Cole granted him the powers.
5x17 - 7x06 Lucky Charmed - Once in a Blue Moon A whitelighter Granted to him after his death.

Season 7Edit

Episode Episode Name Transformation Method
7x06 - 7x13 Once in a Blue Moon - Charmageddon An Avatar Alpha granted him the powers.
7x13 - Charmageddon - A whitelighter The Avatars took back his status after rewinding time.
7x22 Something Wicca This Way Goes...? A vampire Bitten by the Vampire Queen

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