The Source of Good is the maker of and creator of the All and he resides in the heavens or upper regions with the elders and white lighters. It is through the expressed will of the source for Good that magic exists and is allowed to do whatever he allows it to do. The power of the Source or commonly referred to as the Creator or The One—is unrestrained and unlimited in his power as he is a spirit entity and therefore exists outside of time and space. He monitors all magical activity on earth and in the underworld as well.

His extent of reach is boundless in power as well as knowledge and is always aware of the underworld as well as the demons and witches activities. He created the cleaners and the Tribunal of magic and holds all beings both good and evil responsible for their actions. His judgements are therefore when made—absolute.

The force that makes all magic operate accordingly is the Source of Good or the Creator or The One. He is the father of all magic and this makes him therefore the more powerful head and leader of both good and evil and he makes the decisions that are later related to the elders to the white lighters and in turn to their charges. He is never been seen as he is a spirit entity and although he can take on any form he wishes, he is usually a bright pulsing ray of white Light.

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