Supreme Ruler of GoodEdit

The Supreme Ruler of Good is the epitome of all things good and is the opposite of the Source of all Evil. The Supreme ruler of All Good Magic is the most powerful being in all of the magical community. He is Omnipotent and capable of seeing all things both Good or Evil. He rules from the upper regions where the Elders and Whitelighters are. He is also responsible for being the one who created the Grand Design and who also monitors everything magical both good and evil, or the magical community as well as that of the underworld.

As the Supreme Omnipotent being of All magic, the Source of Good is said to have also been the brother to the ruler of the underworld—that is of course until the other brother turned to the darkness. The two brothers—the Source of Good and the Source of Evil—both were once very close and thus resided in the Heavens. Then one day a terrible war broke out that pitted the two brothers against each other. It was finally decided by the Source of Good that his brother—the Source of Evil—was stripped of his eternal body and forced into the underworld where he would forever thus, be forced to posses other demons bodies in order to survive. The two brothers eventually became immortal enemies and were therefore said to be restrained from—or was rather forbidden—from contacting one another as this would bring an end to the world as we know it.

The power of this entity for All magic or—the Supreme Ruler to—all magic was and always was and always will be the most powerful being in all of magical history be it good or evil.


The Supreme omnipotent ruler of all things magical has an unlimited source of Power as he is the Source and creator of all things magical. The extent and reach of his powers is therefore boundless and infinite. Furthermore, as a omnipotent being, he is constantly aware of the activities within the magical community; the Supreme ruler of All Good Magic is thus considered to be—"the creator"—or—"the one," and is the maker of all things good. furthermore, he has a constant eye and ear turned to the underworld so as to know whatever is happening and if there is anything possibly capable of threatening the Grand Design, the Supreme Ruler of All things Magical—will be prepared to combat the problem, that is of course, if any does exist. The extent of as well as the reach of his powers and knowledge is therefore also unlimited.

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